001 KNS Inauguration

Kalairani Natya Saalai was incepted in 1983 at the  Hospital when Rani’s second child was born. She was adamant until then to teach her skills if it was going to be a girl. But Sumithrin came along as a cute ‘boy’ and Rani’s friend Evan made her promise to teach her daughter Sumihira. Right at the hospital Sumithrin’s father gave the name, and Sumihira’s father designed a letterhead.  The first dance for Ruth Bixby’s wedding was presented under the banner of KNS.

9th August 1987  Dr. M. E. Cherian, her college President, whom Rani reveres inaugurated the school officially. At age 15 when Rani went to college, it was this leader who recognized her ‘hidden’ talent and provided many opportunities to excel in her skill.  13th November 2016 Cherian Computer Center was started at the Kalaaksharam. www.kalaaksharam.com


Balasaraswati along with Rukmini Arundale in the early 30s revived Bharatanatyam.  She compared this reportaire of this art form to that of going to a temple.


Renga Prevesham

Arangetram is the commonly used word that puts a dancer on stage as a professional.  It simply means Arangam-Renga-Stage Ettram-Prevesham-Entering.  In KNS importance is given to graduation.  4 levels:  Aarambam – Beginners; Pravesh – Entering; Madhya-Intermediate; Purthi – Graduation.  Then the student gets trained for an additional two years before an Arangetram is conducted.

Renga Prajvalanam

A new concept and terminology by Guru Ranidevi which means Polishing the Stage.  The idea was to get the Graduates to pursue Masters degree in Bharatanatyam, hence the Graduation was stylized in par with dance universities in India.  Sharing the stage with expertise, interacting with lead exponents has been  distinct feature.


Tillana with Shobana

Prestigious moment when KNS girls shared the stage with Urvashi Padmashri Shobana.  Go to Post 86.

Guru Chitra Visveswaran

was the chief guest at Edwina’s Arangetram in 1992

Guru Hema Rajagopalan

Her visit to KNS studio was a memorable event.

Natya Conference – Lost Records – 2007

Guru Ranidevi has presented several papers and speeches on Christianizing the Art.  Her presentation on Lost Records received many applauds.  In the second century Bharatanatyam – Thirukural – Christianity had influence on each other.  Then there is no record for 4 centuries.  Scripts of the Bharatanatyam then called Sadir later fell into the Hindu pandits which took a complete turn. Several centuries later Columbus from Europe went looking for silk and spices and discovered America. It was then the King James version of the Bible written – completely ignoring India or the Christianity that prevailed in India.  So what is lost is now Unknown – this is Rani’s research.  She recalls her mother singing Christian Keerthanais (classicals) that came down from her ancestors and those devotionals were very apt to dance abhinaya.  This gave Rani the strength to choreograph dances on Christian themes.

Velu Nachiyaar by Guru Manimekalai Sharma 2012

Joining hands with dancers from India, KNS dancers took the time and effort and presented this item for FETNA

Sivagamiyin Sabatham by Guru Muralidharan at PuraNanooru in 2014

Another opportunity opened up –KNS dancers were a part of this item.  Aarthi Rachel Prem had a lead part.